First People declare sparks controversy

Picture copyright San Diego Pure Historical past Museum Picture caption Purported stone instruments may be seen alongside damaged mastodon bones on the excavation website close to San Diego A examine that claims people reached the Americas 130,000 years in the past – a lot sooner than has beforehand been prompt – has run into controversy. People are thought to have arrived within the New World no sooner than 25,000 years

Builders ‘behind UK flooding danger’

Picture copyright Getty Photographs New housing developments that contribute to the danger of flooding are nonetheless being constructed, MPs say. Home builders are presupposed to create housing schemes that catch water with options like inexperienced roofs and porous street surfaces. The federal government has steadily stated it is dedicated to decreasing flood danger. However the Commons Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Efra) committee says guidelines on drainage for brand new

Child humpback whales ‘whisper’ to mums to keep away from predators

Picture copyright Fredrik Christiansen Picture caption Humpback whale calf swimming with its mom The humpback whale is thought for its loud haunting songs, which could be heard 20 miles away. Nevertheless, new recordings present moms and calves “whisper” to one another, seemingly to keep away from attracting predators. The quiet grunts and squeaks could be heard solely at shut vary. By calling softly to its mom, the calf is much

‘Fossil’ groundwater’s trendy secret

Media playback is unsupported in your machine Media captionJim Kirchner: “Fossil groundwater fell as rain when mastodons nonetheless roamed the Earth” The world’s oldest and deepest waters aren’t immune from contamination, warn scientists. It had been assumed that “fossil” reserves discovered a whole lot of metres underground could be largely untouched by trendy water sources. However sampling from some 10,000 wells reveals this to not be the case. The brand

Physics of throwing analysed by scientists

Picture copyright SPL Picture caption The act of throwing is extra advanced than you’d anticipate Scientists have calculated the optimum technique for throwing one thing precisely – whether or not it is a dart or a crumpled-up piece of paper. Researchers at Yale College say the slow-is-more-accurate rule typically applies. In a collection of calculations, they appeared on the physics behind releasing a projectile with the human arm. Their equations

Cassini set for first Saturn hole plunge

Picture copyright NASA/JPL-CALTECH Picture caption Paintings: Cassini will run the hole between the planet and the rings on 22 events The Cassini probe is about to make the primary of 22 dives in between the rings of Saturn and the planet’s ambiance. The orbits signify the final science-gathering section of this outstanding mission earlier than it ends in September. Passage by way of the hole, made at greater than 110,000km/h,

Household tree of canine reveals secret historical past of canines

Picture copyright SPL Picture caption Canine breeds developed to fill sure roles The most important household tree of canine ever assembled exhibits how canines developed into greater than 150 trendy breeds. Canines have been first chosen and bred for his or her capacity to carry out duties comparable to herding goats or cattle, say scientists. Later, they have been chosen for bodily options comparable to their measurement or color. The

Iceberg ‘doodles’ hint local weather historical past

Picture copyright Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms Picture caption Ploughmarks fashioned by unusually flat-bottomed icebergs within the central Barents Sea (Purple is 240m water depth; purple is 248m) It’s as if a baby has been doodling with massive colored crayons. What you see are literally the nice gouge marks left on the seafloor when the keel of a large block of ice has dragged via the sediments. The arcs and

‘World’s oldest fungus’ raises evolution questions

Picture copyright Stefan Bengtson Picture caption The fossil life types have been inside a bubble of lava zero.8mm in diameter Fungus-like life types have been present in rocks relationship again 2.four billion years. The fossils, drilled from rocks that have been as soon as beneath the seafloor, resemble residing fungi. Scientists say the invention might push again the date for the oldest fungi by one to 2 billion years. The

Plastic-eating caterpillar might munch waste, scientists say

Picture copyright CÉSAR HERNÁNDEZ/CSIC Picture caption Wax worm caterpillars in a petri dish A caterpillar that munches on plastic baggage might maintain the important thing to tackling plastic air pollution, scientists say. Researchers at Cambridge College have found that the larvae of the moth, which eats wax in bee hives, may also degrade plastic. Experiments present the insect can break down the chemical bonds of plastic in an analogous solution